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For Sale Uncle, Mercy, Waving of the white flag...

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by chromess 01, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. chromess 01

    chromess 01

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    Note: this post was kinda thrown together, Im tired and had a headache so Im sorry if it doesnt make sense.

    I had thoughts awhile back about getting out, but just didnt feel it was time. Had some equip failure and now I guess it is. Id say most everything is for sale, too much to list. Ill list some specifics below. As with most livestock first, then equip.

    I have 2 full running systems Id like to sell complete.

    14G Biocube. Been running close to 2 years. Sand and base rock- unknown qty.
    - Tank, stand
    - factory return pump
    -original hood needs bulbs Ive been using a hang over light, not included
    - has factory skimmer
    -has optional inline uv, needs bulb currently not using.
    - heater
    - small circulation pump.
    - also has one of the dj power strips to make control easier.
    - livestock I have 2 fish in it that i will move but theres a few mushrooms and some gsp.
    Buyer can take as is or I can drain. $75

    Aquatop BT21 21g AIO been running close to the same time.
    Tank, stand, aragonite sand, base rock and live rock.
    -Stock skimmer goes in first chamber
    - 3 media baskets in chamber 2
    - stock return pump in chamber 3.
    -stock led lighting blue/white. Added a ramp timer(orbit marine pro).
    -2 tw 10 wavemakers fairly new.
    - Also has dj power strip
    - Has 2 decent rocks of gps, zoas, mushrooms, a frag of sunset monti(not the best but its there).
    I cant get it to surface skim and the turnover rate seems very slow. I was going to change the return get a surface skimmer. $250

    various zoas, rastas, utter chaos, chuckies bride, scrambled eggs, etc. some need tlc
    A ton of mushrooms, too many to list.
    RFAs I was going to start a rfa only tank, got everything but lost steam.

    Im free mornings and weekends. PM with and questions. Located in Marion.
  2. Sent you a PM
  3. chromess 01

    chromess 01

    +9 / 0 / -0
    Have a few empty tanks.
    20L brand new, was going to make a sump. $20 obo
    29g Used, bought a complete system and replaced the tank. $20 obo
    10g Used briefly, $10 obo

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