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Greater Iowa Reef Society

The Greater Iowa Reef Society is dedicated to helping and bringing together aquarists from in and around Iowa

If you joined GIRS at Spring Fest, first of all, thank you, and welcome to GIRS!

The first thing you will need to do is to register a new account under your email address you placed on the sign-up sheet.

There was an information handout at the registration table but you may not have received one.

I am watching registrations and activating accounts as they are created, but we do not create accounts for you. You must create your own account due to the way the system works - you need to set your own password and then the system needs to verify your email address

If you have any difficulties registering, please post in the guest area, or use the Contact Us form

Thank you!!
Attention GIRS Members!

Time to vote for the 05/2016 Photo of the Month Contest winner!

See this thread for how to vote!

The category this month is:

Favorite Frag!

The winner will receive a prize of their choosing (maximum value of ~$50) from a prize pool!

\/ See the thread for more details! \/
The Board of Directors has voted some new policies into place and updated some existing policies & guidelines.