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Greater Iowa Reef Society

The Greater Iowa Reef Society is dedicated to helping and bringing together aquarists from in and around Iowa

Available to all paid GIRS Members Registered Users this week! A possible alternative to Tapatalk: Pushover!

Chris Deeming, one of the Xenforo developers and the creator of Xenforo Media Gallery, was kind enough to give us a one-week trial of his addon that integrates Pushover into Xenforo. The addon cost is only $20 (15 GBP) so if we like it, it's not a big hit in the pocketbook. This trial period ends Saturday September 5th.

Pushover is an iPhone and Android App that allows for popular Push Notifications to go to your phone or mobile device. This is the one feature of Tapatalk that I find useful, except that these notifications bring you to the website on your mobile browser.

This costs you nothing to try. The Pushover app has a free 7-day trial period; after that, it costs $4.99 (on-time In App Purchase price).

I have registered the app on Pushover and installed the add-on here, so it is up and running and available to all Registered Users to try out.

Here's what you will need to do:
  • Download the app for your phone and set up your account
  • You may also go to www.pushover.net and register there, then download the app on your mobile device and then log in.
  • On here, go to your External Accounts page and click the "Subscribe to Pushover" button

  • This will bring you to the Pushover site, where you will need to log in (if you're not already logged in) and associate your device with the site.
After you do this, and your device alerts are working (you will get one immediately telling you that you are now subscribed to GIRS alerts), you can come back to the External Account page and select which alerts you want to get.

I have narrowed down the alerts to...