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For Sale Storage Clearance: Zero Edge, ATI Fixture, Refugium Light

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by xiaoxiy, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. xiaoxiy


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    I'm cleaning out my closet and have the following items for sale:

    ZeroEdge 20 Gallon TANK ALONE
    - $75
    • This was previously owned by Curtis Bortell. I have not personally leak tested or set this tank up due to logistical issues but the seals on the tank seem to be in pristine condition. There seem to be minor scratches on the tank that may need to be buffed/polished out.


    ATI 24'' Nonhybrid Powermodule - $135
    • This is an old school 4 Bulb ATI unit. It is built like a tank compared to the ATI sunpower. It's made of thicker metal sheets, and has two fans per bulb for more efficiency cooling
    • Reflectors are in great condition
    • It is missing the power supply adapter for the fans, but this can be bought on the ATI website for $13.



    Nanobox Beam Freshwater/Refugium Light (12 inches)
    - $35
    • This is a super bright freshwater or refugium light.


  2. xiaoxiy


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    Everything is sold except for the ATI Powermodule. Price drop on the Powermodule to $115!

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