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If I don`t get a taker this week for $1200 u remove...

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by iowareef, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. iowareef

    iowareef Inactive User

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    I'd have to sell it in parts, below is the list.

    Tank (210 gallon) and stand

     $ 450.00

    Protein skimmer EV180

     $ 250.00

    1 Quiet one pump

     $ 100.00

    1 smaller quiet one pump

    GHT: 0in; BORDER-TOP: #ece9d8; PADDING-LEFT: 0in; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0in; BORDER-LEFT: #ece9d8; PADDING-TOP: 0in; BORDER-BOTTOM: #ece9d8; HEIGHT: 13.2pt; BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent" u1:num="25">
     $   25.00

    300 lbs live rock (big show size pieces too!)

     $ 400.00

    Corals (most softies some hard, most from GARF)

     $ 150.00

    Fish (Cinnamon Clown, Clarkii Clown, 2 perculas, yellow tang, yellow eyed tang, blue hipo tang, 6 line wrasse, Blue chromis (4-7), rare damsel) 

     $ 150.00

    Denigrators 2 extra sulfer

    -TOP: 0in; BORDER-BOTTOM: #ece9d8; HEIGHT: 13.2pt; BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent" u1:num="150">
     $ 150.00

    Live sand

     $   50.00

    Refugium full of plants and sand and rubble 75 gal tank sits in stand (lots of pods!)

     $   75.00

    6' pc lights

     $   50.00

    4' Hamilton MH light set

    indowtext .5pt" u1:num="250">
     $   300.00


    Buy it all and save

    Note: Snails are breeding don't need to add cleaners very often.
    See previous post for pics of all...
    Things I can think of for trades (hunting stuff, Jeepster commando (prior to 1973), Trailer (camper or car dolly), boat, and building contractor work towards cement work-Garage-or storage building) 
  2. billbigsbe Well-Known ReefKeeper

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