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gps-kyna tree- will 30 watts of light work for this coral?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by saltwater2003, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. saltwater2003

    saltwater2003 Inactive User

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    i have a 20 gallon Marineland Eclipse[​IMG] and all thats in the lid is 2x15 watt bulbs would that grow mushroons or gsp or kyna tree its in my bed room and not looking to put a metal halide on it i like how its all in one lid very clean look i have like 15- 20 pounds of live rock i am going to add a nano skimmer thats it i did add one small power head thanks for any info any one can give [​IMG]
  2. Wayne1

    Wayne1 Inactive User

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    It is possible i have tiny kenya trees growing wildly in almost totall darkness behing my rock wall.
  3. calebjk Well-Known ReefKeeper

    Cedar Rapids IA
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    i have some gsp that i threw in my sump under 40w just to get it out of the way and it's actually spreading, but it looks like crap.

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