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GIRS Board of Directors & Leadership Team

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Greater Iowa Reef Society, Jan 11, 2022.

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    The GIRS Board of Directors (BoD) consists of Officers (via the Election process) and Regional Trustees (appointed by the President)

    The nomination & election process for the elected positions (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) is performed in the GIRS Member sub-forum at the end of each year and the results are announced there.

    The Leadership Team consists of the BoD, plus any Committee Chairs (appointed by the President) and Assistant Trustees (appointed by the Trustees)

    The first post of this thread will be updated whenever there are changes to the Leadership Team, as noted in the thread.

    As of January 11th, 2022:

    President: Bud Carlson @Bud@Bud
    Vice-President: Casey Schares @ruggerkc@ruggerkc
    Secretary: Chris Civitate @Chris C.@Chris C.
    Treasurer: Paul Horn @pwfish@pwfish

    Trustees (currently in process of appointing these):
    Chlora Beiner @Chlora@Chlora
    Cedar Rapids / Iowa City:
    Assistant @Easy E@Easy E
    Des Moines/Ames:
    Jeanette Becker @beckerj3@beckerj3
    Quad Cities:
    Waterloo / Cedar Falls:

    Committee Chairs (currently in process of appointing these):
    Social Media
    Vendor Relations
    Graphic Arts

    You may reference various club documents on the Help page:
    Help | Greater Iowa Reef Society

    Including the Constitution and By-Laws
    GIRS Constitution | Greater Iowa Reef Society
    GIRS By-Laws | Greater Iowa Reef Society
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    I went ahead and started up this thread because for some reason, this information is only typically posted in the members-side, not sure why. Fixed that!

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