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few things for sale

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by saltwater6900, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. saltwater6900

    saltwater6900 Inactive User

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    hi i have a few things i need to get rid of soon because they are here in my apt at school and i dont want to have to take it home after school.
    i have a 8 gallon biocube it has brand new bulbs as of 3 weeks ago and o can keep the crushed coral sand mix in there if wanted, but right now it has about 10-16 lbs of rock with a gbta 3 green hairy shrooms some blue shrooms, red shrooms, and  green striped purlpe shroom. there are also some diff kids of zoas  with everything $175 or just tank $100 obo would like to sell all or just tank o dont want to seperate.
    i also have a 30 long that is would like to get rid of it would make a great sump has no leaks right now has piranah in it. i would like $40 for that
    all this is in dubuque but i come home to cedar rapids every weekend so if it is closer to go to cedar rapids i would be able to bring it there but please pm or call me it is 319-361-8120 thanks Brad

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