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digital thermometer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fmsill, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. fmsill Well-Known ReefKeeper

    Cedar Falls
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    Just wondering if anyone knows where i can buy a digital thermometer that is actually accurate? I have a pinpoint digital with remote sensor. Im trying to get the company to refund my money but not haveing much luck. They will send me new sensors but it gets annoying haveing to replace them all the time. All i can say is pure junk. I have tried the lifeguard aquatics ones with pretty good luck but still not great. What brand does everyone else use?
    Thanks Brian
  2. adampottebaum

    adampottebaum Experienced Reefkeeper GIRS Member

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    I use the $8 coralife digital thermometer, it says my tanks always at 79-80 degrees durring the day, but a couple times at night it said my tank was up to 83 and it felt like 78 ish... so who knows how accurate it really is.

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