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darn wrasse

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jwess, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. jwess


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    My stupid four line Hawian wrasse decided to take up residence in the overflow.  Im not talking a CPR either.  Hes down in the bottom of the built in one.  Yeah the one with all the PVC running in and out of it.  I gues Iff I cant get him out any other way I can shut down the pump and take the pipes out and try to get him that way.  Aah yes, I can take out the drain stand pipe and let him get washed down to the sump to a waiting net.  Thanks everyone for letting me think openly on the forums:) I dont know why I didnt come here sooner.
  2. xroads Veteran Reefkeeper Vendor

    La Porte City, IA
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    Thats funny. I read a post where a lady bought a small clown & it immediately disappeared when she put it in the tank. She thought it died & the clean up crew took care of it. Then she was cleaning out her overflows & found it 2 years later & it was big.
  3. AJ

    AJ Inactive User

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    Hahaha...wow..what a surprise that would be.
  4. JB Veteran Reefkeeper

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    I've had my clowns jump into my overflow before. Luckily, I can see up into my overflows from under the tank, so I was able to see where they were and eventually net them.

  5. h2so4hurts

    h2so4hurts Inactive User

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    That would really suck. Good luck getting him out!
  6. DavidM199

    DavidM199 Well-Known ReefKeeper

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    I had had a couple of snails crawl al the way down my drain pipe and get stuck in the ball valve. I had to take everything apart it sucked. Good luck with him. When can i stop over and take a look at the new tank.

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