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Zoanuts group buy.

Discussion in 'Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Region' started by Benji, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. Benji

    Benji Inactive User

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    zoanuts is having a 20%-50% off now through Jan. 31st.  The only shipping being offered during this cycle is overnight flat rateDHL $56.  I have a few things on hold and will finalize order on the 30th-31st.  If anyone else is interested in a group order just let me know.
    take care.
  2. Anna

    Anna Inactive User

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    Just an FYI - I have ordered from them twice, and was not very happy either time.
  3. calebjk Well-Known ReefKeeper

    Cedar Rapids IA
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    not to mention i HATE dhl. the only time they have actually delivered the my stuff to my house was when i had a whole pallet in the back of a semi. all the other times they delivered to the wrong house. i was pretty upset when they delivered my tablet pc to the wrong place, i can only imagine getting a box of frozen corals that have been sitting on someone else's door step for a day.

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