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WTS Royal Gramma

Discussion in 'Quad Cities Area' started by FishNewb1, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. FishNewb1

    FishNewb1 Inactive User

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    Ive had my royal gramma for over a year now but i have recently had a huge algae outbreak and now i want to take out a fish due to what i believe is overstocking.  I have 8 fish in a 55 if that helps at all...
    Well i decided to sell my Royal Gramma, its a great fish and is always out unless bullied by another fish.  Mine was sometimes bullied by my tang.  It will then go and hide.  It is somewhat territorial to its little home.  Gets along great with every fish i have except my tang, which is very territorial.
    Will take to the quad cities or peoria. No ship.
    asking to trade for any corals except highlight sps,
    or if you want to use money PM me.
  2. seanndenise1

    seanndenise1 Inactive User

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    how much are you asking for him, im in bettendorf. where are you at again?
    i have no corals as of yet to frag out or trade, you can wait and see if you get another interested member to trade for frags and then if all else fails ill take him, providing i dont have to drive farther than it would make sense to.
    i dont want to turn a 25 dollar fish into a 75 dollar fish if you see what im saying.
  3. FishNewb1

    FishNewb1 Inactive User

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    ill be willing to bring it to anywhere in the quad cities, i could bring it to your house if you wanted.  Im not going to be picky on the price.  I just want it to have a good home.  
    I was thinking like somewhere between $15-20  idk i forgot how much i bought it for but it was a baby when i bought it and now its full grown.
    i dont care if its money or corals, im just going to use the money from the fish to buy corals later so i figured i'd try to save a step and just ask for coral.

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