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Want to support my son`s Boy Scout troop?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by xroads, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. xroads Veteran Reefkeeper Vendor

    La Porte City, IA
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    They are selling popcorn & candy.  Here is an order form if you want.  Makes great Christmas presents for those hard to buy for!
    Craig & Cade
    Chocolate Lovers 5 Way tin         $50.00

    16 oz Carmel corn and pecans in dark fudge
    16 oz Popcorn and cranberries in white fudge
    16 oz carmel corn and toffee peanuts in fudge
    12 oz chocolate covered peanuts
    8 oz chocolate covered petzels

    Cheese Lovers 3 Way tin               $35.00

    5oz Southwest cheddar chipotle
    5 oz Country Smokehouse cheddar
    5 oz White cheddar with black peppercorn

    4 piece Gift Set                           $30.00

    10 oz Mud puddles
    3.5 oz Cheese corn
    10 oz Carmel corn
    10 oz White Gold

    30 Pack Double Butter            $30.00

    30-3 oz bags with twice the butter
    15 Pack Kettle Corn                  $20.00

    Great combination of sweet, yet
    salty popcorn 15-3 oz bags

    Mud Puddles                           $18.00

    Encounter the unforgettable taste
    of caramel corn and peanuts
    coated in creamy fudge. Yummy!

    White Gold                           $18.00

    Creamy medley of popcorn,
    almonds and luscious white

    Caramel Peanut                  $18.00

    Good old-fashion caramel corn
    and honey roasted peanuts

    15 Pack Butter Light (microwave)         $15.00

    All the butter flavor with only
    half the fat and 0 grams of trans. Fats.

    15 Pack butter (microwave)               $15.00
    Rich butter flavored microwave popcorn.

    Classic Caramel                           $10.00
    10 oz of Classic Caramel corn
    Yellow popping corn un-popped          $10.00
    3 pounds of America’s healthiest
    snack food. Corn pops up light and fluffy.

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