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Upgrading from 13.5g to 24g

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NanoReef, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. NanoReef New User GIRS Member

    Waterloo, IA
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    After 9 months with my Fluval Evo 13.5g, it's time to upgrade to the Aquatop 24g. I hope to just switch everything over and hope that I don't have a mini-cycle. Only changes is new sand and switching to Tropic Marin Pro Reef salt from Red Sea Coral Pro. I plan to dose the new tank water to match parameters before the transfer. I also plan on using Microbacter 7 for the first month to replace any bacteria that may be lost during the transfer.

    Everything is transferring.
    Tailspot Blenny
    Cleaner Shrimp
    Astrea and Cerith snails

    Purple torches
    Purple tip hammer
    Green hammer
    Green toadstool
    Kenya tree
    Pink Goniopora
    Gsp rock
    Bunch of zoas
    2 acros
    Rainbow monti
    Red plate monti (might leave this out takes up a bit a space and had to trim back from touching glass)
    Green hairy mushrooms
    Ricordea mushrooms
    Lava lamp mushrooms

    AI Prime HD
    75w Cobalt Neo-Therm heater
    VCA Random flow generator
    Jebao WaveMaker
    XP ATO




  2. Alex McG GIRS Member

    Altoona, IA
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    Woot room for more corals!

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