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uhoh (copied from RC)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Guest, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    i got around to checking my water and uhm... its not good...

    i think i have an ammonia problem. im not sure what to do about it.

    anyone have any suggestions to i get my water quality back?

    i have some possible ideas as to what happened - after i got the
    leathers and zoas from travis (after his crash, or whatever you like to
    call it) they finished dying off in my tank... could this have caused
    it? almost all my sps died now and im thinking it was from the leathers
    but im not sure (it is in no way your fault travis, i just thought
    people might be confused if i said "those leathers that were in need of
    help" or something)

    otherwise - can mangroves leach crap back into the water? i dont take
    very good care of them and they could just be dying (i dont know
    anything about mangroves)

    im about to do a 5 gallon water change (i dont know whats safe to do all at once on a 40 breeder w/ 29 gallon sump)

    any help would be appreciated.


  2. BGreenlee

    BGreenlee Inactive User

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    It could have caused a spike, a number of dying corals could cause it. If you have water made of for a larger change with the same temp, ph, etc then do it.

    The fact that you did add a number of corals to the tank at once could have started a peak, followed by death to push it further. And from knowledge, I know your tank is relatively new and has had a couple issues along the way. I would do your water changes get some carbon in the tank and hope for the best.

  3. glaspie69

    glaspie69 Experienced Reefkeeper

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    25 gallons today, 25 gallons in two days, wait a week change 25 more, wait a week test again. F&S has salt for 31.99 a bucket
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    billy - this tank has actually been pretty problem free - however, yes on the previous tank... it was pretty nasty looking almost the whole time. - not to say it wont act up now...

    im hoping to find someone local with extra salt (be it a bucket or just any amount)

    thanks guys.
  5. glaspie69

    glaspie69 Experienced Reefkeeper

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    ^ I've got a bucket in my basement you can use as long as you order a bucket to replace it
  6. Travis

    Travis Well-Known ReefKeeper GIRS Member

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    Same here, same offer as on RC. You drive I will supply you with some salt. Let me know.

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