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Time to get this sold!! BC 29 stocked

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by sang, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. sang

    sang Inactive User

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    Okay, so one no show buyer after another (go craigslist!) and I have just run into a major problem.  So I sold my home in order to move to IA City, where I go to school and work, at the end of last summer.  I bought a mobile home in IA City.  That is great and all, but I have now discovered the problems of mobile home summer a/c.  I got home from work yesterday and my place was a toasty 92*F!  My tank hit 89*F!!  I just lost Jaque (the kids cleaner shrimp).  That accounts for my first loss in a long time.  I am surprised that I didn't lose anything else.  I thought that the anemone was toast, but it seems to be okay now.  Some of my coraline began to die though.  Luckily it was not like that much longer.  In any case, I am constantly gone and can't leave the air on all of the time in the name of the tank.  So I am relisting it here.  I am still not very interested in parting the tank out.  I am willing to sell it off for $300ish, or I am reluctantly willing to trade for a 2005 or newer 600cc crotch rocket motorcycle (don't worry, I will accept a variety of colors)[​IMG]
    Here is the list, minus the cleaner shrimp
    Dry goods -Biocube 29 (lights replaced about 1 1/2 months ago) -Biocube stand -Oceanic Biocube skimmer -Koralia 2 (only a couple of months old) -Seio M620 power head (used one time for a day) -Ultimate gravel vac and attachments(the hook up to your sink kind that self coils, only used once, attachments still in packages) -Gravel vac -Coral life day night power center -outlet timer -4 x heaters (all work great, different brands) -bioballs (came with the cube but never used them) -misc. items (hardly used saltwater master test kit, hydrometer, mag float, aquascaper, filter pads, home made refugium light for back of tank, coral vite, phytoplan, marine s food, quick test strips, brine shrimp eggs, and some other small stuff).
    Live stock -false percula (great fish and doesn't attack like some people's on this site :) -possibly H.Magnificus Anemone about 6-8" (this is the best guess on this anemone, I had posted about it before, adampottebaum has a split if anyone has questions) -cleaner shrimp -misc hermits -misc snails -3 nice candycane colonies -baseball size pipe organ colony -frog spawn frag -green kenya tree frag -clove polyp frag (just starting to grow) -tons of orange and purple mushrooms (could happily frag and sell tons of these) -some orange zoos that are having a hard time (the anemone decided to live on top of the colony and so much of it was killed, I just moved some but they are only partially opened) -live rock and live sand (I don't remember how much as I have accumulated it over the years but there is a ton for a smaller tank and the middle chamber is loaded as well)
    Thanks again
  2. ninjazx777 Experienced Reefkeeper

    Des Moines, IA
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    I have a 2006 zx10r ninja only 2100 miles I am asking way below book value would you be interested in a trade for it how about $6400 and the cube  kellys  blue book lists it at $7400 with an average of 20,000 miles

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