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Tanks for Sale in Des Moines

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by DarbX1605, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. DarbX1605

    DarbX1605 Inactive User

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    Have the following tank setups I'm trying to unload due to growing family. Tanks are available for pick-up as soon as they are empty of fish (freshwater).
    Feel free to send offers if the price is not to your liking. I am going to try and get pictures done tomorrow.

    $500 - 120 Gallon All-Glass Fatboy (4x2x2). Oak Trim with Matching 2-door
    stand and handles. This tank is from 1998 if I remember the tag
    correctly - very thick glass. Anyone who has seen it know's it's a
    gorgeous tank for a show tank - it has been in my living room.

    Lids - Mostly glass with plastic flaps

    Lights - Can grow plants with these lights, believe me. I did with no Ferts or CO2.

    Emperor 400 Filter

    Penguin 350 Filter

    Cascade Canister Filter

    Hydro-Sponge V

    300 GPH Marineland Powerhead

    Silica Substrate

    2 250 or 300 Watt Stealth Heaters (Dont remember which, but they keep it warm)

    Air Pump

    $450 - 72 Gallon Reef-Ready Bowfront. Oak Trim with Matching 2-door stand and
    handles. Was originally Black and re-trimmed to Oak - can be reverted
    back if you wanted to paint stand. Black Silicone - pre-drilled in the
    back which are plugged with removable bulkheads. This tank is roughly a
    year old and is definately a show tank. Includes:

    Glass Lids (4 months old)

    Matching Oak All-Glass Dual-tube Light

    (2) Penguin 350 Filters

    Back-Panel Sponge Filter

    Marineland Stealth 300W Heater (I think, I can check)

    Silica Substrate

    Air Pump
    $200 - 45 Gallon Tall All-Glass Tank(36x12x24 high). Black Trim with Black
    Stand. Same dimensions are the old 30 longs, but alot taller - great
    for Discus/Angels. This tank was purchased new by me roughly a year
    ago, maybe less. The stand was a craigslist find that I repainted -
    they dont make them anymore. Includes:

    Glass Lids (Needs new lifting knob thing)

    36" Dual-Bulb Coralife Power Compact Strip (this thing is tiny for the
    light it puts out, I was planning to put a second strip on the other
    half of the glass-lid - but it did the trick for my plants.

    The Fixture comes with a 6500K HO Plant Bulb, and a 10000K Full
    Spectrum HO Bulb. I think I still have the Actinic 50/50 Bulb too that
    will come with. Bulbs are around $30 a pop in any store.

    Penguin 350 Filter

    Penguin 200 Filter

    Hydro Sponge II

    Marineland 150 Watt Stealth Heater (I think)

    Air Pump
  2. h2so4hurts

    h2so4hurts Inactive User

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    Have you used any medications on your freshwater tanks?
  3. DarbX1605

    DarbX1605 Inactive User

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    Not that I can recall. Dont know about before they were in my hands. I use raised temps and aquarium salt to cure most ills.

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