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Stuff for sale! (some fish related, some not)

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by heartben, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. heartben

    heartben Inactive User

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    hey, ashley and i have some stuff wed like to get rid of... some fish stuff, some not.
    standard 55 gallon tank - 30 bucks
    its a little dirty, and the brace across the middle on the top is "broken" but you might be able to epoxy it or something... good fuge/sump?
    iron stand for 1 x 55 and 2 x 10 on the bottom - 15 bucks?
    a paint ball gun! a JT TAC-5 camo gun with co2 tank and hopper (tank and hoper come with camo covers) - 30 bucks!
    if anyone has been looking for a russian tortoise (i know how unlikely that is...) i have 1 with a 20L id sell... ill take offers on it..
    i have some PC bulbs that have only been used for about a month and a half - 2 coralife actinc and 2 coralife i think 14k? really white... ill check if anyone is interested all are 65w make an offer on 1 or all 4 ( i also i have a fixture for 4x65 watt bulbs and moonlights but one of the legs is broken i think.. id sell it for pretty cheap... shoot me an offer? with or without bulbs)
    ill sell any of my coral if anyone wants to make an offer on it...
    bass guitar! fender bass (NOT squier) - standard jazz - midnight wine - GREAT condition, played only a few times - 350 OBO (479.99 on musicians friend)
    uhm... i also have parts from an old coralife fixture (2 x 65w) one ballast works and its not in great shape but the 1 ballast DOES work.. i have had it over tanks when im moving stuff around and whatnot... but if you have a fixture you need to fix you could pick this up cheap.
    a mountable power station thing.. i bought 2 from travis and ended up only needing 1 so i have 1 extra.. 8 plug ins with individual off on switches... 20 bucks.
    idk. i have tons of random stuff, tattoo gear (lower end, but still...) i have some music stuff... a few pedals and things... i think a couple soft cases..
    im not gettin outta the hobby i just have a bunch of extra stuff i dont
    need and i need some money to pay off a loan so i can get it over with!
    i will make more posts on here if i find anymore stuff taking up space, please PM me if you want to by anything or have questions!
  2. glaspie69

    glaspie69 Experienced Reefkeeper

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    I'd be interested in that paint ball gun if you'd be interested in trading.
  3. xroads Veteran Reefkeeper Vendor

    La Porte City, IA
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    Is everything "cheap or free"?
  4. heartben

    heartben Inactive User

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    everything is cheap... nothings free right now.

    everything is still up for sale..

    several people have shown interest in the paint ball gun and coral... i dont think its worth the drive for anyone to come down to just buy coral but maybe thats just me. ill respond to my pms shortly.

    i cant really trade off anything yet until i make some money, ill see what ashley says and ill get back to you jason.
  5. xcaptivate

    xcaptivate Inactive User

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    i think i'd rather sell at this point, i have someone interested in the pb gun, but if they take too long i may consider trading
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    Do you have any aquarium stuff & corals left?  if so how much$, what city are you in?  Gary 319-447-9817
  7. jsheps21

    jsheps21 Inactive User

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    im interested in the 55 if you could please email me back at jsheps21@yahoo.com

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