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Stocking a 72

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by compJTC, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. compJTC


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    I just got a bowfront setup and now I'm going to start stocking it.  It is a 72 gallon with a 30 gallon sump and hob refugium.  I have about 220 watts of PCs on it, around 80 pounds of live rock and plan on keeping a variety of soft corals.
    Anyways, for fish I'm thinking:
    1 flame angel
    2 false perculas
    1 mandarin goby
    1 royal gramma
    1 lawnmower blenny
    1 sixline wrasse
    On top of that I have a brittle star and will have a good handful of snails and hermits.
    What are your thoughts on this list?  These fish should all be compatible right?
    Oh yeah, and if any GIRS people around Cedar Rapids have any of these fish or soft corlas that they're looking to sell let me know.
    Thanks a bunch!
  2. RobynT

    RobynT Inactive User

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    Mandarins are really cool fish but very few of them eat anything but pods and most tanks take at least six months to get any kind of decent pod population growing (probably longer.) The other problem is that six line also eat pods, but they also eat prepared food and so they will not starve but they WILL hog any pods that they find. You would be ok with the six line but I'd skip that mandarin. I had a mandarin in my 90 gallon for a year and he did fine but about 6 months ago I added a sixline. Well, just lately he has been looking awfully thin and since I basically just set up a new tank, I put him in the fuge with the chaeto and the lots of LR from the old setup. He's not looking worse, but only time will tell. Far too many people get one of those fish because they are really exceptional to look at but their needs are very specific and hard to replicate in a new system.

    I also have a lawnmower blenny and I love him but there are people out there that have had them starve in their tanks. Most of those also do not eat prepared food but only algae. I've never, ever seen mine eat anything but what comes off the glass or the rock.

    On a side note, I had a lawnmower blenny before the one I have now. He decided to go carpet surfing one day. Sixline's are terrible jumper too. Mine jumped in my overflow and it took me two weeks to catch him and get him out. Best to keep the top of your tank protected in some way. I use eggcrate but people use different things.

    I also have a royal gramma and he's very pretty to look at and peaceful. Actually, I don't know about the angel but the rest of your list I would say are all fairly mellow fish.
    Just my opinion, hope it helps!
  3. compJTC


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    I didn't know that sixlines would eat pods too. Thanks for the insight.

    I had a lawnmower blenny before. It wouldn't eat flake food or frozen, but would munch on nori all the time. It worked out well

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