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Steve`s LED biocube 14 retrofit

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hart, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. hart

    hart Well-Known ReefKeeper

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    I have panorama pro's in my 14 now and have had great growth, but when I moved some coral to my reefbreeders LED system I noticed way more color, so I am thinking of replacing the pros.

    Steves standard kits has:

    9- Royal Blue Luxeon ES 3 watt LEDs

    5- 5,000K Neutral White Luxeon ES 3 watt LEDs - Full Spectrum White LEDs

    But I want to bring out more colors. I have gotten some advise from nano reef and looked over past builds and am thinking of this.

    4 4k white to bring out reds without needing a red led

    2 cool blue for spectrum

    1 cyan, a nano reef guy said the 4k white could use a bit of cyan

    2 violet, I love the glowing look

    5 royal blue

    Now the reefbreeders that i like has:Reefbreeders has:

    13white 4.5k

    6 blue

    6 violet

    2 red

    28 rb

    Reduce that by 2/3 (with rounding) to approx the led's in steves kit:

    4 white

    2 blue

    2 violet

    (1 red omitted)

    9 RB

    So the LEDs that I am leaning to are pretty close to the reefbreeders with less royal blue and 1 more cyan. Thoughts? Should I reduce the whites to 3 and add 1 royal blue?
  2. hart

    hart Well-Known ReefKeeper

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    Slow down! This thread is getting too big
  3. hart

    hart Well-Known ReefKeeper

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    Just to complete the record ended up getting Steve's 95% finished kit. For extra $60 they installed another driver and 6 violets as that is the min needed to run on that driver. They responded quickly and helped a bit with selection. Ended up with:

    4 4k white
    3 cool blue
    1 cyan
    6 royal blue
    6 violet

    There will be 3 channels with knobs to allow dimming. This combo should produce amazing color and I can dial up or down the radioactive look with the violets. With peaks at 419nm, 445nm, 475nm, 500nm and the WW covering reds it should be a pretty complete spectrum. Its has about the same peaks as the maxspect razor but without the cool whites and has a cyan the razor doesn't.
  4. nrenn GIRS Member

    Waverly, Iowa
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    How did it end up looking? Just upgraded my BioCube 14 with a Steve's kit, so far loving it

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