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Sooooo, what did everyone get?!

Discussion in '2008' started by phishcrazee, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Lee

    Lee Experienced Reefkeeper

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    Jeremy are you going to run both of them or just the WM?
  2. slovan

    slovan Experienced Reefkeeper

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    Here's most of what I got on Saturday.  Excuse the pics, I didn't spend much time or thought into taking them.

    RBTA: About 6"-8" when open.
    Aussie elegance: In a high flow area right now.
    Clove polyps, ORA red planet table acro and aussie acan.  There's still one more acan that I don't have a picture of.
  3. Waverz

    Waverz Expert Reefkeeper

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    Definitely running both as they are both a tad undersized for the amount of water i have in my system.

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