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For Sale Skimmers, Sump, ATO for sale

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Derek, May 3, 2019.

  1. Derek

    Cedar Rapids
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    Just cleaning out a few things:

    I have a Reef Octopus HOB skimmer (Classic 90) ordered from bulk reef supply for $190 and only used for a few months on a quarantine tank. I'd take $100 for it.

    I have an ESHOPPS X-160 or X-220 skimmer that sits in the sump, cant remember which one it is, I can check when I get home. Worked great in my 125g tank with moderate bioload. This one is probably 5 years old, I paid between $300-$400 for it. I'd sell that one for $150, one of the 4 acryclic feet that holds the pump inside the skimmer is broken but it still works well since 3 sides are held down.

    I have a 20-30g sump/fuge? Can't remember what the size is, but I bought the tank from petco and installed baffles to create 3 compartments inside the sump, 1st compartment is for inlet/sock filters/ skimmer, 2nd compartment is a fuge for cheato or snails/shrimp, 3rd compartment is return. $40 for this tank with the baffles. Baffles alone were over $50 on amazon. They are siliconed in place so you can remove them and space them differently easily if you'd like.

    I also have a litermeter III and RODI system I might be willing to part ways with those also. The litermeter III was over $400 with the additional pump and ATO system included. Would be willing to sell for $250.
    LiterMeter® III Programmable 3 Channel Precision Dosing System - LM3-115 - SpectraPure

    Send me a DM and I can send you pictures if interested.
  2. Derek

    Cedar Rapids
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    Forgot to add the info for the RODI system, it's a standard 150g per day system from bulkreefsupply that cost $265 brand new. I'd sell this one for $150 with some unused filters/resin.

    Also have numerous trace elements/minerals for dosing and a Jaebo dosing pump for sale. I can send pictures of all that stuff, to much to list right now. Open to offers.

    Have numerous test kits for water quality and test kits for trace elements (hanna checkers for alk and calcium, red sea foundation pro test kit). Open to offers.
  3. Derek34 GIRS Member

    Manchester, IA
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    PM sent.

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