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For Sale Selling seahorses and everything else

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by adampottebaum, Feb 21, 2024.

  1. adampottebaum

    adampottebaum Experienced Reefkeeper GIRS Member

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    Losing interest in keeping up with everything, 2 young kids and a busy life, selling it all while everything is in decent health.

    $2,000 for everything. $1,500 for everything except the seahorses. Located 144th/Maple in Omaha, NE

    120 gallon marine land tank, shorter stand, and a custom matching canopy. I also have a little matching side stand with a quartz counter top that fits next to the tank I built for keeping breeding stuff nearby.

    9 erectus seahorses (3 of which I raised from the original 6). 3 original female southern etectus “with cirri”, 3 original male northern erectus, 2 females and 1 male bred from the adults, all 3 juveniles have cirri. Adults are about 2 years old, juveniles 10 months ish. They have a life expectancy of 5-7 years. I’d sell these separately for $750 because they are a bit different than livestock most people keep. +$100 for all the breeding stuff if you buy the seahorses since they are all actively breeding.

    One captive bred black and white clownfish, one captive bred yasha goby, one spotted mandarin (eats pe mysis out of the water column), one captive bred yellow line neon goby

    ~100 lbs porous Marco rock

    5 different acans, 2 different birdsnests, big Duncan colony, stylophora, pocilipora, neon green leather, two feather dusters, recorders, two different blastomusas, purple and orange digitata, spongodes, green star polyps, few nice sps, acrylic coral viewer

    Apex, 2 x eb8s, breakout box, floor sensor, float sensors, long aquabus cable

    Viparaspectra LEDs x3

    Lumi lite actinic led bars x4

    Smaller fluval phone controllable led

    Super reef octopus ro-rps-5000ext skimmer with neck cleaner

    6 stage Frankensteined ro/di (2 di canisters), extra filters, 3x55 gallon food grade barrels and 1x30 gallon food grade barrel

    Tunze long care magnetic scraper

    Aquamaxx AF1 Automatic filter roll


    15 gallon column tank (one hole drilled open high in a corner)

    3 x hygger 10000 dc pumps
    Hygger 3000 dc pump
    Jaebo dct-15000 dc pump
    Odyssea powerhead

    Half box of instant ocean salt

    75 gallon baffled sump (needs resealed)

    4 media reactors with extra canisters, 2 canisters of purigen, ~50 oz high capacity gfo, ~250g kalkwasser, 3 peristaltic dosers, bunch of true union ball valves, ~50 oz rox carbon, 2 magnetic probe holders, 2 jager heaters, one brs titanium heater, one controllable finnex heater, bunch of loc line, Long handled scraper, long handled brush.

    Nitrate, phosphate, calcium, alkalinity digital Hanna checkers and jugs of 2-part calcium, alkalinity, magnesium

    Breeding stuff: four 2.5 gallon glass fish bowls, 2 premium brine shrimp hatchers, air pump with manifold, colored silicone air line, rigid airline, 15 Watt Advantage 2000+ UV Sterilizer, bottle of prime, sodium thiosulfate, formalin, kanaplex, two smaller air pumps, jug of hatching decapsulated brine shrimp, squirt bottle of nanocloropsis paste, squirt bottle of isocrysis paste.

    $2,000 for everything. $1,500 for everything except the seahorses. Located 144th/Maple in Omaha

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