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Sand vs No Sand on bottom

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PotRoast, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. PotRoast

    PotRoast Well-Known ReefKeeper

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    Can someone summarize or point me to a past post/discussion regarding using sand or not using sand in a reef aquarium?

    I very much like the look of a black acrylic bottom, but need more info before I proceed in that direction.
  2. reefgoon09

    reefgoon09 Inactive User

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    Alot of people have sand for the more ocean look but others don't have it because in my opinion with no sand it is cleaner and you can get better water flow to the bottom of the tank without worrying of stirring anything up! This is just my 2 cents and I could be wrong so correct me if I am [​IMG]
  3. jtesdall

    jtesdall Expert Reefkeeper

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    Here is a good article on Deep Sand Beds (DSB) and why to use them. Many in the club prefer Bare Bottom (BB) because DSB's can get pockets on hydrogen sulfide. Personally I like the looks of a sand bed much better, not to say that JJ's tank is not currently the best looking tank I have seen in the state. But many will argue that DSB's are much better for the inhabitants, like Dr. Shimek in this article.
    I would also highly reccomend the articles by Randy Holmes-Farley if you have not read them - Starting with this one:
    Reefkeeping Magazine is a GREAT resource!
  4. calebjk Well-Known ReefKeeper

    Cedar Rapids IA
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    I do know that when i was a child and i was not obeying my parents, they found the BB method to be most effective.

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