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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Shaun, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Shaun

    Shaun Inactive User

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    Safety is no joke. I have been reading of a LOT of near misses here latley. ALL of them could have been prevented. All you have to do to prevent a major problem is inspect. You check you water perametes regularly. You check the health of you fish regularly. You even watch your corals close. So do you check your electronics regularly?
     Here are a few things I have seen that bother me. One is a tiny extension cord rated for 10 amps beind used to run 2 pumps and a MH light fixture. My question is this, dont those thing draw more than ten amps? That rating is the max PEAK draw not constant draw. This will fail. Do you inspect your electronics for corrosion? It is easy to find most of the time. You can see it on the plugs and connections and you can feel it in the wires by flexing the cords. Also if a switch "feels" weird then check to see why. If a switch has to be played with to make it work then replace it, rather spen a few bucks on a switch tham have to replace a bunch of equiptment. Also what would happen if something did fail on you system? What if a plug shorted out? Would you just loose lights? Would it blow a breaker and shut down your tank? What if it started a fire? Would you catch it in time?
     Dont think it cant happen to you because it can. It does happen. I just read a post about someone that happened to be home and smelled something burning. Turnud out an extension cord caught fire and started a bookcase on fire. He was able to get it under control but what would have happened if he had not been at home or asleep?
     Please do not blow this off. Please chech your electronics and make sure you are safe. Shaun
  2. kgehrke

    kgehrke Inactive User

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    Nice work. QT tanks are very important too. Patients and commitment is key in this hobby.

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