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RO waste water...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by snowman82, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. snowman82

    snowman82 Experienced Reefkeeper

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    does anyone keep there waste water and use it for anything else?  just getting ideas to hopefully not have to waste so much.  conserve as much as possible.
  2. Jtown

    Jtown Inactive User

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    I read something about this on RC and there are a lot of good ideas. Alot of ppl use it to water plants, wash cars, bathe pets, even ppl said they fill their wash machines with it, and there were a crap load of other things. Sounds silly but you are right, with as much water as we just dump down the drain, its good to see ppl being "green" and wanting to conserve and recycle.
  3. xroads Veteran Reefkeeper Vendor

    La Porte City, IA
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    I use well water myself. My RODI waste goes into the sump pump which pumps it out to the pond
  4. snowman82

    snowman82 Experienced Reefkeeper

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    ya cause when i fill that 120 i'm gunna go through ALOT of water which sucks. maybe i'll turn the water off to my toilet and fill the tank up manualy :)
  5. Waverz

    Waverz Expert Reefkeeper

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    We used to run our waste line to the washing machine but after we had our kid the wife decided she didn't like the idea because of the newborns sensitive skin. I'm thinking it's probably time to hook it back up, especially now we are doing more laundry. Running it to the toilet is a great idea as well. It is sort of crazy how much water we waste using RODI units.
  6. ruggerkc Experienced Reefkeeper Board of Directors Leadership Team GIRS Member

    North Liberty , IA
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    Cause of this thread, I am donig a water change in the cichlid tank with it.

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