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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kimbo, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. kimbo

    kimbo Inactive User GIRS Member

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    Would like some input from people in Marion specifically. What stage ro/di are you guys running. Wondering if I can get away with brs 4 stage or if I will need the 5 stage. I have a water softener. So I might have pressure issues. If that's the case I will run the unit inline before the softener.
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  2. Derek34 GIRS Member

    Manchester, IA
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    I run a booster pump and my production increased significantly compared to before I used the booster. Some quick research indicated you would want to add the booster before the water softener if you were interested in the added pressure. I've got it set at 80 PSI. You can get away with the 4 stage. I personally run a 5 stage. If you go with the 4 stage I would recommend using the color changing DI resin so that you have a visual on when you need to be really monitoring your output water TDS and can then replace your DI resin once you no longer read 0 TDS. Which brings me to my next recommendation. Spend the money to get a TDS monitor on it. I like the dual monitor they sell. With the dual you can keep track of the TDS in the water prior to the DI resin as well as your final output from the DI resin. This allows you to see when your filters/membrane start to clog and need replaced. Hope this helps.
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