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Replaced Skimmer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JByrd, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. JByrd


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    As you know I was able to replace my Coralife skimmer with a new Octopus Extreme 200.  I have been battling GHA for alittle while.  Also, my next purchase is a Phosphate Reactor.  But with that said will this new skimmer help with the battle against the GHA or will this continue to be a big problem until I can get a Phosphate Reactor?
  2. B-Rad

    B-Rad Inactive User

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    That depends.

    what is your phos level in your tank?

    All you may need to do is step up your water changes.

    How about your nitrates?
  3. Wayne1

    Wayne1 Inactive User

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    Agreed with B-Rad, it seemed my phophate reactor helped a bunch. But water changes are the key.
  4. Waverz

    Waverz Expert Reefkeeper

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    You may also want to check the TDS of your source water, i was having a problem with my RODI unit and was topping off with high TDS water for a couple weeks causing a pretty good GHA bloom in my prop tank. I hate that stuff@!
    I am going to be picking up a bunch of emerald crabs soon. I would start doing water changes like crazy, but with the price of salt nowdays, i think ill try the green emerald crabs first.

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