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For Sale RedSea Max E170 complete

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by PNelson, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. PNelson

    Moscow, Iowa
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    I have a complete set up and running Red Sea Max E-170 that I want gone. 250w MH light with 4 T5 and LED night lights. MH is on a timer. Reef Octopus HOB skimmer. Has external filter with 9watt UV light. Back sump return pump. HOB overflow going to eshopps bottom sump. BRS media reactor and charcoal reactor combo with pump. Jebao DC sump return pump. Icecaps wavemaker. Everything new in March. Comes with everything including stand. New job that makes me travel all the time. Wife wants nothing to do with it. Tank alone is over $1200. Shoot me an offer. Would like it gone ASAP! It has a sand sifter fish, cleaner shrimp and a bunch of snails, hermit crabs. Lots of coral as well. Has a 20,000k bulb in it now that's 3weeks old. I have the 15,000k build that came with it as well. You will need water containers and a couple ppl to move. Tank without sand, rock, is very heavy. Thick ultra clear glass.
    Thank you!

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