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real final!!! please help me sell!! even if you want to take down the prices!!!

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by FishNewb1, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. FishNewb1

    FishNewb1 Inactive User

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    Hippo Tang/about 5"-    $35
    Bicolor Psuedchromis/3"-  $10 
    Tomato clown/2" -  $10 or 5 with RBTA
    Green Montipora Digita/ 3" - $25? i bought for $40 when it was 2"..  
    Orange Montipora Cap/10" by 6"!! showpiece! $55 look at pics!
    White bubble Coral/5" - $35
    RBTA about 2-4" - $30
    leather coral and green star polyps rock - $45 about 9-10" rock
    orange ricordea polyp 1" - $15 
    about 75 lbs of LR- $3 a lb. all live rock is very purple. most with random shrooms and polyps on them
    this is my old post!
    page 2 has pictures
    I will drive to muscatine or the cities! or mabey further.. just ask!!
    all stuff must go by the weekend!!!! please put imput in!!

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