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QC Meeting Details for 2009

Discussion in 'Quad Cities Area' started by REEFer Madness, Jan 18, 2009.

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    Here are the dates and part of the agenda going.  We also have B-Rad doing a DIY project demo, some great stuff with Aquatic Environments, and possible tank tour we can fit in, also.  We are working on which month will work best for other activities as of now.  Any ideas or comments would help with our area. 
    When each scheduled dates come with in a few weeks of the meeting or event, we will nail down the exact date trying to avoid the meetings of other areas.  There's members from the QC that attend other area's events, same as they will attend ours.
    February 20, 21 or 22: Social meeting bowling party
    February 28:  GIRS state wide meeting in Cedar Rapids
    March 28:  GIRS Spring Swap in Des Moines at the Blank Park Zoo
    April 18,19 or 20:
    June 19, 20 or 21: vvolfe1's new tank show and  possible BBQ
    August 21, 22, or 23:
    October 17,18 or 19:
    December 19, 20, or 21:
    Don't forget, the biggest event of GIRS, the Fall Fest will be hosted in the QC again this year.

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