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Priced To Sell Fast

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Dan, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. Dan

    Dan Inactive User

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    I have some items left out of my 125 gallon setup and my 29 gallon setup these prices are unbeatable and priced to sell fast as in need of the money everything must go! The items are as follows:
    125 Gallon setup Includes $775

    -125 gallon reef ready tank very good condition
    -72'' hamiltion model metal hailide light
    -Custom made cedar stand and hood
    -Custom made 55 gal sump
    -200 Gal. rated CPR skimmer
    -Two Rio 2500 return pumps
    -Two Heaters
    -Live Sand
    -All extra foods, chemicals and cleaning supplys
    29 Gallon Setup $150

    -29 gallon Drilled Tank
    -Custom built sump
    -24'' 130 watt Compact Lighting
    -100 Gal. rated CPR skimmer
    -Coralife Night/Day timer
    100+ Pound Live Rock 2.50 Pound
    HOT BUY!!! All Corals Left $110 Dollars Includes But not limited to:

    -Zoa's (Lg. Med. Sm.)
    -Buttons (Lg. Med. Sm.)
    -Flower Pot (good sized)
    -Candy Cane (10+ Heads)
    -Star Polyps (Med sized)
    -Keyna Tree's
    -ALL Corals come with the live rock that they are attached to and all corals must go together for $110 steal of a deal but must move fast because i need to take down tank!!
    Please Call Me At 641-990-0536 If Interest I am Located In Marion/Cedar Rapids Area
  2. Dan

    Dan Inactive User

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    Corals spoken for everyone have two people interested if your interested in the rest please call all prices are STEALS you wont find a better setup for cheaper
  3. Entwisle06

    Entwisle06 Inactive User

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    I am interested in about 40-50 lbs of your rock, could pick up tomorrow evening or Saturday after the GIRS meeting. PM and let me know please.
  4. FishBrain Expert Reefkeeper GIRS Member

    New London
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    I am interested in half your rock what kind is it tonga,figi,bali,what???
  5. Dan

    Dan Inactive User

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    Everything has been sold except the bak pak skimmer. If you are interested in it please call me at 641-990-0536. Thanks

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