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News Orphek launches powerful strip LED lights

Discussion in 'Hobby News & Events' started by Greater Iowa Reef Society, Apr 16, 2018.

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    The OR Bar LED Light's build quality is impressive, featuring a grey extruded aluminum housing with a tempered glass cover. While not controllable, these lights put out some of the highest output of any LED in strip form factor. They can be used as primary lighting or as supplementary lighting the way reefkeepers used to add actinic fluorescents to compliment metal halides.

    Available Sizes:

    1. OR 120: (120cm /48″) 36 x 3Watt LED – 108Watt. $160
    2. OR 90: (90 cm / 35″) 24 x 3Watt LED – 72Watt. $140
    3. OR 60: (60 cm /24″) 18 x 3Watt LED – 55Watt. $120
    Available Spectrums:

    1. Reef Day Light: Full Spectrum Day Light (380nm- 700nm ) for both marine or reef aquariums, with SPS/ LPS or soft corals.
    2. Freshwater Planted: Full Spectrum Day Light (380nm- 750nm ) for fresh water & planted aquariums.
    3. Blue sky: Blue /Cyan Spectrum (450-500 nm) for better coral growth & color and fluorescence.
    4. UV/Violet: UV/Violet (380- 440nm) for maximum coral growth & color and fluorescence.
    5. Refugium & Grow Light: Full Spectrum Grow Light is the most complex spectrum for macro algae or other flourish plants.

    For more information including spectral plots, visit Orphek's new webpage.

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