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Official GIRS Photo Contest Rules....

Discussion in 'Contests' started by einsteins, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. einsteins

    einsteins Experienced Reefkeeper

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    GIRS Photo Contest Rules
    1. Please include the following information with your
    Name (member and/or
    real name):
    Photo Title:
    Comments (optional):[/b]
    2. You must be a current member of GIRS to participate in
    the photo contest(s).
    3. Post your entries only in the designated current
    "Photo Contest" page. The time frame for entering photos in the
    contest will be defined in the contest details.
    A thread will be started within the “Photo” forums to post
    comments and have discussions about the photos/photographers.
    4. Members may submit up to but no more than three[/b] (3)[/b] entries per contest. Non-winning images may be resubmitted for
    future contests (if applicable to the contest assigned theme). Winning photos are ineligible for
    5. You must be the
    photographer and copyright holder of any photos you submit.[/b] However, the
    photographic subject(s) do not have to be of your own aquarium; photos of other
    personal aquariums, public aquariums, etc are permitted. Underwater photography
    is also acceptable.
    6. You retain all copyrights to any entries submitted to
    GIRS photo contests.
    If you are having a problem getting a photo to display,
    please ask a GIRS BOD member for assistance.
    7. While post process work is acceptable, GIRS reminds users
    that this is a photography forum and should not be regarded as an art or
    computer graphics contest. All entries must be actual, original photographs
    taken by the submitter.
    8. Matting, framing, or any other artificial borders are not
    permitted. Watermarks and signatures are allowed, although GIRS reminds
    photographers that such elements – if too large or prevalent – can be a
    distraction to a photo’s composition.
    9. You may vote for as many entries as you like during the
    Voting Phase, however the software does not allow you to vote on any entry more
    than once.
    Voting will be for a period of 5 days from the day the entry
    period expires. The final date and time
    for voting to end will be defined in the contest details section.[/b]
    10. GIRS BOD reserves the right to resolve disputes and
    disqualify entries as they see fit.
    11. Prize winners may be responsible for all shipping
    charges, taxes, import tariffs, or other incurred fees according to their
    location and/or local laws.
    12. In the event of a tie, the software will automatically select
    the entry that was submitted first as the winner.

    13. GIRS BOD may change the rules for any given contest
    prior to that contest starting. If the rules are changed, those changes will be
    listed within the contest details section of that contest.
    It is the responsibility of each entrant to read the Contest
    Details and ensure they are compliant with any listed rules, themes or other
    items listed there.

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