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Not getting SKIMMATE

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by foxface, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. foxface

    foxface Inactive User

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    Hello everyone. I am using a coralife super skimmer 125 on my 40 g breeder w/20 g sump. It has been up and running for about 10 weeks with the skimmer being in operation for about 8 weeks. The problem I am having is that I am not getting much skimmate. I have tried every different possible settings on the skimmer to acheive the correct type of skimmate. If i do wet skimming i just get water with not much coloring and if i do dry it takes for ever to get any sludge in my cup. I have 4 false percs about 60 lbs of live rock some softies and a few crabs and snails. I am running a fuge with cheato and live rock rubble in the wet section along with carbon. PH=8.2 ALK = 3.6 Calcium = 420 no traces of amonia or nitrate. Phosphate am not sure because I need to get a new replacement kit for that. Have no traces of Hair algae or diatoms. Diatoms were only present for about a week after cycle. Tank looks great but don't know what to do about the skimmer. Guess I shouldnt complain since my tank looks well and clean but would like to know if anyone has any suggestions to what I might do to get my skimmer to work better. The skimmer is producing good micro bubbles in the chamber and I am keeping it clean.
    Any ideas.
  2. Phathead

    Phathead Well-Known ReefKeeper

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    Ok these skimmers suck in my opinion. Here is what you have to do you should have a little cylinder thing that holds two airlines. Run one to your inlet onthe pump for the skimmer and then one to an airpump not to big or else the skimmer will gurlge and not skim and then very important there needs to be a bio ball or a screen piece for the pump in front of the inlet on the pump dont ask me why I just realized that when it is on if you put your hand kinda in front of the pump inlet it would start skimming right so I shoved a screen piece that came with the pump in there and it worked great. It is the little piece you put on the pump inlet if you want to stick a piece of foam on the pump hope you under stand what I am saying if not let me know I will get some pics for you. I hate these skimmers I have the 220 and the fact that it wont work with out a airpump is a stupid but on the other hand it is alot cheaper than the one I really want the Octupus skimmer. Hope this helps.
  3. Lee

    Lee Experienced Reefkeeper

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    its almost impossible to troubleshoot without pictures, or better yet a video.
  4. CyberJester

    CyberJester Inactive User

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    I would suggest take the airline out and cleaning it.  Without air infusion you can't create the bubbles.  No bubbles, no skim.
  5. B-Rad

    B-Rad Inactive User

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    Foxface, Try adding a air pump and a wooden air stone. 

    Run the air line in through the lid and down toward the bottom of the skimmer this will add twice the micro bubbles.

    just make sure you can adjust the air flow!

    I did it to mine and it made a big difference, also check the air inlet tube on your pump, mine gets a build up in side of it that I have to clean once a month with a small drill bit!!

    Hope this helps..
  6. David

    David Inactive User

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    My skimmer doesn't do much of anything either, except skim out all the phyto I add.   If it wasn't for the green sludge that appears on the days after I add phyto I'd have no idea it was functional.

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