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New to the area

Discussion in 'Quad Cities Area' started by Nanoreefnoob, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Nanoreefnoob QC

    Nanoreefnoob New User

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    Hey yal figured I would introduce myself here. I am new to the area and setting up a 60G Rimless Cube. My name is Noble Batson, from Yuma AZ but starting to call Davenport Home. Current tank has no water at the moment, Just moved in but here is my gear.

    60G Rimless cube
    Eshops Cube Sump
    AI 25HD Light
    Radion Light mount
    Reef Octopus 110 skimmer
    Rio Return
    Cheap Heater
    DIY Stand
    Key largo Dryrock

    Looking into getting an MP 10 with a battery backup maybe two. (Hint Hint, anyone selling one?) if not just buy it new.
    RO/DI from BRS is in the Mail, I did not feel like draging buckets
    Rocks and Live sand will go in tomorrow and water will follow once the RO/DI arives
    Planning on LPS mainly with a few SPS and softie.

    Let me know if anyone want to get together, I am new to the city and always interested in oogling over someones tank.
  2. jeremy Acro Addict

    Davenport, IA
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    Welcome to the Quad Cities and GIRS. Sounds like you have a pretty good start on your system.

    If your looking for a used MP10 check out Aquatic Environment or Coral Haven. They get used equipment in from time to time and can probably help with other equipment or coral or fish needs.

    I don't have any extras laying around, but I definitely like ecotech pumps. Pretty much all I run.
    We should be having another GIRS meeting soon we will post time and place on here when we get it lined up.
  3. Nanoreefnoob QC

    Nanoreefnoob New User

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    Great to here I would love to come and support the reefing comunity out here. I actualy purchased all of my stuff at Aquatic Environment a few days ago and was very impressed with what they have. the store was right on par with stores I have been to in Cali. Cant wait to check out Coral haven tomorrow, wife already knows lol.
  4. Jen/Reefin Experienced Reef Keeper

    Davenport, IA
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    How long have you been in saltwater ?
    We have a 120 rimless , a 90 gal with a 180 gal sump all plumb together.
    We've had our ups and downs with tanks this year but things are looking good now.

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