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New Member - Des Moines

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by FlyingMoray, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. FlyingMoray Experienced Reefkeeper

    Minburn, IA
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    Hi, My name is Joe Stuetelberg.  I was a meber a few years back and sold all of my stuff.  I'm back and in the process of setting up a 75gal reef tank.  Right now I am in need of a light and would rather purchase something used instead of new.  If anybody has anything laying around let me know.
    I hope to see many of you around at upcoming events.  I will be looking for frags, etc. very soon!
  2. AJ

    AJ Inactive User

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    Hi Joe, welcome to the GIRS site....or maybe I should say welcome back... Sounds like your setting up just in time to get stocked up at Fall Fest. Keep an eye on the Buy/Sell forum and I'm sure you'll find a light. I've seen a fair number of them on there lately.

  3. FlyingMoray Experienced Reefkeeper

    Minburn, IA
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    Yes, thanks! I was thinking that as well. Haha. I will keep my eyes out there thanks.
  4. gb387

    gb387 Inactive User

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    Check ebay - USER currentusa
    They are direct from Current and a very good price, the fixtures have been refurbished. I have purchased from them twice and couldn't be happier.


    Welcome to GIRS!
  5. fmsill Well-Known ReefKeeper

    Cedar Falls
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    Joe i have a 72 inch corallife aqualight but i think its to long for your tank but not sure. I also have a mega flow 4 wet dry fillter ive been thinking of selling as well. If interested let me know. Bye the way welcome to the club!
  6. FlyingMoray Experienced Reefkeeper

    Minburn, IA
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    gb387 Thanks for the link. Those are some really good deals. I finally found a 48" tek light for sale on rc and bought it up.
    fmsil Yeah, the 72" fixture would be too big for my tank. Thanks though. I really wish i could take that sump from you but I think that it is too big for my tank as well.


    I picked up some rock from a member here and am in need of another ~30ish pounds. I picked up a 12" snowflake eel for free from a local guy that needed to get rid of it so my tank now has something more than rock and sand in it.

    I can try to post pictures of the setup sometime soon.
  7. mdk014

    mdk014 Inactive User

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    I would recommend the Current Usa lights on Ebay. They shipped fast and looked brand new. So far so good and they are very bright!

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