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NEW Frag Shipment in TODAY!!!

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Guest, Oct 9, 2008.

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    Today we received the following frags along with a green carpet and three colorful nudi branchs:
    LPS: Chalice Colored Sm - LPS: Moonstone, Green 1"-2" Fcoral, Carpet: Light Green, Nudibranch: Asst. LPS: Blastomussa Merletti 10-15 polyps, LPS: Disk Sm, LPS: Green Cyphastrea 1"-2"  Soft: Toadstool, Pin Cushion 2"-3" Soft: Zooanthid, Ultra 10-20 polyp SPS: German Blue Polyp Digitata 1"-2" SPS: German Blue Polyp Digitata 1"-2" SPS: Monti, Orange 1"-2" SPS: Purple Fuzz Acro 1"-2" SPS: Tricolor Valida 1"-2".  Hope to see you soon.  Thanks, Gary @ Bo Bo's Fish Store 

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