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New Arrivals 3-25-09

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Guest, Mar 25, 2009.

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    Today’s new arrivals are:

    Flame angel

    Common anemones

    Emerald crabs

    Hermit crabs with anemones

    Flame scallop

    Colored sea slugs

    Blue linkia starfish (reef safe)

    Long spine urchins

    Short spine urchins

    World’s largest flower pot (coral)

    Beautiful pink square anthias

    Even more beautiful African squampinnis anthias

    Black clowns

    Diamond gobys

    Sand sifting gobys

    Blue gudgeon gobys

    Rainfords goby

    Scissortail goby

    Spotted hawk

    Dwarf lions

    Moorish idol

    Yellow eye kole tang

    Yellow tang

    Niger trigger

    Cleaner wrasse

    And a "must see" checkered marble wrasse

    Thank You,
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    I forgot to mention that we still have some ORA frags at 20% off, including a Red Planet and a Blue Hawkins. The experts have been into the store and have said the frags still have real good color.


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