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For Sale Moving sale. Selling livestock in my mixed reef

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Lillypads reef, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. I am moving and need to sell all of my fish and coral because i cannot take them with me. Everything is happy and healthy.

    5 bubble tip anemone (make me an offer)
    2 chromis (5)

    Also have a bunch of coral, live rock, and macro algae (lots of dragons breath algae)

    Walt disney tenus (80)

    Bubblegum milli. Mini colony. (40)

    Asd rainbow milli. (40)

    Bubble coral. Mini colony(40) smaller (30)

    Zoa garden (50)

    Rainbow Trachyphyllia (60)

    Gold hammer, silver

    Other acro, moni, lps, and a few softies. (5-20)

    any questions just ask if your a serious buyer. Also everything is obo but pls be reasonable!

    Text. 7one2-five20-twenty five10

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  2. mrelaz

    Waterloo, IA
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    Dang. If you were closer!

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  3. ShaneP Well Known Hawkfish

    Williamsburg, IA
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    I want that Walt Disney!! I might be interested in other acros as well. PMd
  4. Fts

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  5. Actuary Well-Known ReefKeeper

    Adel, IA
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    Gah I am interested in your SPS as well... especially the WD! You're currently located in WDM? I work in the Jordan Creek area so I could stop by pretty easily depending on the times that work for you.
  6. BrandonD32 Well-Known ReefKeeper GIRS Member

    Coralville, IA
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    Text sent.
  7. Fred

    Johnston, IA
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    Text sent
  8. Hey guys sry if i didnt get back to you/ special requests. Have been too busy to keep up.

    I am only available wed and Thursday pm. Pls text me what u want and when u can come get it. These are the only pics i have because im not around the tank.

    Rock with 1 bta 40.
    Rock with 3 bta 80.

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    More pics
    --- Auto-Merged, Mar 9, 2018 ---

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  9. Still have the clowns?
  10. All sold. Thanks GIRS

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