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Club Sponsor Mermaids Cove santa's sac

Discussion in 'Mermaid's Cove' started by mermaidscove, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. mermaidscove Sponsor

    Joliet, IL
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    ‘‘Tis the season for gifts galore, and Mermaids has got an awesome new deal for you! We have Santa’s coral sac and with ever entry you buy at the great price of $15 you get put on his list. This list will be used when we draw the coral you get from the bag. The names will be in the same order that they are purchased, and a random number generator will give us the number correlating to our list of corals. The more people we can get on our list the more chances you have of getting high end corals. After 100 entries have been made we will add some of our best corals to the list and you have the chance to get them for only $15!!!! Multiple entries can be purchased by the same person and we promise that you will receive a different coral for each one purchased. All locals can pick up corals free of charge after the contest with a 2-3 hour warning so we can have them in store. Those in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and St. Louis are encouraged to take part in our $10 shipping. Those in any other place can feel free to message us for prices in their area. All orders shipped have a $100 minimum on them so please stock up on livestock and dry goods during this order. People going to MARS or Lansing shows we can bring your corals free of charge with a heads up at least the day before the show. This even will start December 1st and will end on January 2nd.

    All sales are final

    dales no name acro, frogskin acro, joes acro, high lighter acro, lemon aid , cali tort, jade acro, palmers blue millepora, tri color valida, miyagi tort, de fuego, blue ice, purple tort, red planet, Pineapple mili, cliff's acro, upscale microclados, green hornet, grape juice, lime upscale microclados, tubbs mystic blue, green hulk acro, pac man, purple stag, green planet, purple stag, $500 efflo, garf bonsi, blue tip green stag, scripts stag, blonde blue eye zoa, Yellow brick road zoas, Jf bling bling cyphastera, Miami hurricane cybastera, Tubbs Stella Monti, Leng sy Monti, Sand Dollar Monti, Strawberry Shortcake, White Rose, Rr Nauti, Neon Green Cats Paw, Green Birds Nest, Jedi Mind Trick, Cold fusion monti, Purple stylophora, Sunburst monti, Green apple Monti, Idaho Grape Monti, Burning Banana, forest Fire Digital, Grafted monti, Rainbow Monti, Red Setosa, Slow Burn, Rainbow Stylo, Robins Egg, Fruity Pebbles, Green planet, Tropic Thunder, Tryee Sunset Monti, Cherry Tree Monti, Superman Monti, Seasons Greetings, Orange Digi, Green Digi, Hydnophora, Merulina, German Blue Digi, Fuzzy pavona, Pachyseris, Pavona, WWc Grizzle Adams, Paradise Acro, Rainbow in Spain, High end Valida, Rc Man of Steal, Neon Green Candy Canes, Green Candy Canes, Blue Candy Canes, Confusa Monti, Toxic Hammer, Peach Torch, Purple Mushrooms, Red Mushroom, Orange Mushroom, Green Star Polyps, Green digi, Red Acans, Rainbow acans, Sunny Dee zoas, Armor of God zoas, Gorilla Nipple zoas, Rasta zoas, Fruit Loop zoas, Bam Bam zoas, Scrambled Eggs zoas, Tubbs Blue zoas, Tyree Purple Rim Monti, Rainbow mili, Rhino Mushrooms, Orange Ricordias, Blue ricordia, Green Ricordias, Caribbean Poly Grandes, Hollywood Stunner, Rainbow monti, Kenya Tree, Blue Ridge, green stag, Mummy eye chalice, Spongodes, biohazard anacropora, candlelight garstona, Red dragon, Hawkins enchida, Oregon tort, biohazard anacropora, candlelight garstona

    And high end corals will be added after every 100 spots soldBsa bubble loucis Bounce

    Moui Woui mushroom

    Reef koi Bounce

    Fox flame

    Alter ego

    Wwc og bounce

    Kung pow


    Tkc pickacue

    The wolverine
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2017

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