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Looking for corals around the CF/Waterloo area!

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by adampottebaum, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. adampottebaum

    adampottebaum Experienced Reefkeeper GIRS Member

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    Hey, my tanks been set up for a while, and I think I need some more corals. Here's my info:
    72 gal bow front tank
    440watts of VHO
    another 260 watts of making my 4' PC into a retro in the cannopy soon.
    Corals I have:
    candy cane, mushrooms(red, green ric, green/brown, bluish), zoos(green-2 kinds, pink, brown), brown monti cap, devil's finger leather, rainbow ausie acan, bubble coral, prism favia, and clove polyps. not sure if I'm missing anything.
    I'm open to almost anything, so if you've got anything that could be fragged it would be awesome. I can come over and help frag it too, doesn't need to be attatched. I'm looking at getting some bright SPS corals, along with other soft corals.
    What I want in particular:
    frogspawn(the dark green with purple tip kind), hammer coral, ricordea mushrooms, more acans!, dendrophyllia, duncans, sun polyps, and bright zoos.
    echnophylia, micromusa, favia, acropora, chalices, montipora...
    Also, I'm looking for some bright clams, either Maxima or Crocea, gorgonians, and sea fans.
    Please let me know if you have anything!
    One more thing- I work at Mad Hat Pets(the old Emporium Pets) in Waterloo, I work 4-8 durring the week, some of you might know me, but if you stop by when I'm in you can talk to me about something you have too... THANKS
  2. dzabler

    dzabler Inactive User

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    hey i am sorry i dont have any corals for you but I have a suggestion about clams. i would try clamsdirect.com. it is a what you see what you get site and their stuff is awesome, if you cant find a clam on there then your cant find one anywhere. prices are not too bad either, good luck
  3. Waverz

    Waverz Expert Reefkeeper

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    You have a PM
  4. h2so4hurts

    h2so4hurts Inactive User

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    Haha, says the store is closed /DesktopModules/ActiveForums/themes/_default/emoticons/tongue.gif
  5. glaspie69

    glaspie69 Experienced Reefkeeper

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    I dont know how much frogspawn your looking for but i'm getting eady to trim mine up, I could probably get you a decent sized multi headed peice. I also have duncans and zoas and palys. Let me know if your interested
  6. wolfman1973

    wolfman1973 Inactive User

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    check out pet solutions in there pick of the reef section for clams or corals. shipping is 20 bucks
  7. adampottebaum

    adampottebaum Experienced Reefkeeper GIRS Member

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    Yea I've checked that page a couple times. I'm subscribed to the email newsletter they send me, but I was just wonderin if anyone in the area had any they were ready to sell. I think I'll prolly order something off the internet soon. Thanks for the help guys.
  8. adampottebaum

    adampottebaum Experienced Reefkeeper GIRS Member

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    Hey, just wanted to let you know I have four 48" vho bulbs i want to sell or trade for corals too. The info is on a seperate topic.
  9. wesly2007 Well-Known ReefKeeper

    Cedar Rapids
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    Im in the market for some of the same coral frags.  Zoos, acans, and ricordias preferably though. 
    Sorry adam im not to the point where I can frag yet but if the zoos keep growing like they r it may just be a matter of months.

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