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Live rock saltwater fish crabs snails sand (Item #203669)

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Guest, May 23, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    [​IMG]Tank is built into my living room wall so I do not have
    a stand for it.
    A stand can be built easily for this.
    I need my third bedroom back is reason I am selling.
    Anyone who has priced this stuff knows that this is a great deal.
    Price is very reasonable I just want it out of here.
    I will not ship.
    75 Gallon glass aquarium
    Power Compact Light (JEBO) 4x55 watt
    2 blue and 2 10000k
    Wet/Dry Trickle Filter (30x16x15)Very Big
    w/bio-balls + dual hose overflow box
    600 gph return pump
    Protein Skimmer Rated for up to 125 gallon
    24" tall x 6" diameter needle wheel powerhead
    UV Sterilizer internal w/powerhead
    (green killing machine)
    17-25 lbs liverock (good coralline algae)
    12 lbs base rock ( showing good coralline algae)
    40 lbs gray sand ( the good stuff that maintains PH)
    1 large anemone
    5 green chromis
    30+ blue-legged crabs
    10 astrea snails
    5 turbo snails
    1 mushroom growth
    1 green polyp growth
    See my other ad if interested in Livestock seperately
    QUESTIONS EMAIL : j.yerington@mchsi.com

    [font="verdana, arial"]Price: $400.00 [/font]
  2. reeffreak3652

    reeffreak3652 Inactive User

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    wow...sweet job building it in to the wall, that looks awesome.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    i found this add this is not my tank just thought i would post it for you guys click on the pic of tank and it will take you to the add wher its for sale thanks

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