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light raising question

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ScubaTodd, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. ScubaTodd

    ScubaTodd Inactive User

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    i am just wondering if anybody has ever used 2*4s on each end of their tank to help raise their lighting setup.
    Here is my scenerio
    i have a current complete 24 light system that is on my 75 gallon. i want to raise the light with 2 by 4s on each end, so that i can get my hands in the tank. But i dont know the correct material to use. i have to secure the 2 by 4s somehow to the tank so that the light doesnt knock off.
    i need to know what would be the correct chemicals to use to cover the 2 by 4s and the correct adhesive to secure the 2 by 4s to the tank.
    i know that hung does this.
  2. xmasia

    xmasia Well-Known ReefKeeper

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    what about making a pvc stand for the light,im guessing buying a hanging kit is out of the question
  3. snowman82

    snowman82 Experienced Reefkeeper

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    you can get the YoYo hanging light kits on ebay for like 20 bucks that suspend your lights from the ceiling
  4. matt1971 Well-Known ReefKeeper

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    I use a bike rack garage store kit. It works with a rope and pulley system. You can easily set any height you would like and raise the light up almost to the ceiling so you can get your hands in the tank. About $20. If you are interested I'll give you more details.

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