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Lets do some basic introductions for the QC area club members..

Discussion in 'Quad Cities Area' started by einsteins, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. einsteins

    einsteins Experienced Reefkeeper

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    Hi everyone
    I thought that since I just started as the QC representitive to the BOD, I would start this post to get myself and everyone else from the QC's all officially introduced.
    I know I met some of you at the recent Tank tour but please go ahead and say Hi in this post so we can basically have a nice list and summary of who the QC club members are and what equipment you have
    Feel free to give us some info about yourself and your tank(s)
    As for me.....
    Bill Kennedy AKA "einsteins"
    I live in Northwest Davenport
    Started the hobby in 1996
    My tank is a SPS dominated 120 gal AGA mounted in the wall with a small fish room behind it.
    My tank is mostly smaller frags
    I run 2x 400w Metal Halides and 2x 54watt T5 actinics.
    Flow is created by 2x Tunze 6101 on an aquasurf wave generator.
    Skimmer is a single Bekett Trigger systems TS300 powered by a Sequence wahoo pump.
    I have a Precision Marine Kalwasser reactor that supplies all top off water via the RO/DI unit
    Controller is an AC3
    I will try and get a decent pic of my tank this weekend and post it for you.
    Now....Lets hear about the rest of you....
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    Al Nelson AKA "atram"
    I live in west Bettendorf
    I've been into nano tanks for the past 5 years.
    I'm currently in the process of setting up a 58 gallon mixed tank
    I'll be using a Aquatinics TX5 T5 lighting fixture
    Flow will be 2 Hydor Koralia 3's controlled by a wave maker
    Skimmer is a Coralife Super Skimmer power by a needle wheel gen-x pump
    More equipment will be added, just in the beginning stages of getting this bad boy running
  3. covey


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    I am Clayton "covey" Covemaker
    I've been in FW since forever.  Reefkeeping for 3 years now.
    I've got a 75G that is home to "Big Boy"
    He's a 5 year old Midas Cichlid.  Ill tempered and mean, just the way I like him.
    The Reef:
    150G mostily SPS tank
    Bare Bottom
    Heavily skimmed, high flow, lotta light
    FTS from 8/2007
  4. Deleted member 46

    Deleted member 46 Guest

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    Ben Wolf

    I live in Moline very far eastern Iowa or Illinois

    I currently have a 90 LPS dominated tank. I currently run 2 HK'3 and 2 MJ1200's for flow on two wavemakers along with a Mag9 return pump. For Lighting I use T5's 2 Blue+, an 11K and one actinic. Most of my corals are frag size with a few giant colonies. For experience I have less than a year but my obsesive compulsive disorder make up for lack of experience.

    First step to a successful reef..."Balanced Parameters!" You heard it from einstiens first!

    I'll try to get a FTS tomorrow.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    im keith byars i have up and running a 55 gallon reef i have a currnet 2x65 watt pc on it and coral life 4x65 watt on it i allso have a hallo 175 watt mh as well im running a 15 gallon sump with a sea cloan skimmer this is a kinda mix tank most softies i do have some sps ill all so have a 72 bow front this is a fish only tank with a 75 wetdry proclear sump on ot with just standert lights i have other tanks just not up and running thanks
  6. einsteins

    einsteins Experienced Reefkeeper

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    Thanks everyone.....I know we have more people in our area....lets hear from the rest.

  7. RobynT

    RobynT Inactive User

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    My name is Robyn and it has been a little over two years since I bought my first tank (a 29 gallon.)  I had that tank about two months and upgraded it to a 90 gallon reef ready set up that someone was selling.  Since that time, I have been upgrading my equipment and adding to my rock, coral and fish. 
    Equipment- I started with old PC lighting (I didn't know it was old or inferior at the time), one of those AMiracle  sumps with all the blue bioballs, an in tank Rio return pump and no powerheads.  Since that time I have replaced my PC's with T5's, 6 x 54.  Mostly Geisman  and ATI bulbs.  I replaced my sump with a 27 acrylic that I had made by Glasscages (my husband drilled it and added the partitions.) and I now use a GenX 55 return pump.  I have 2 MJ modded 1200's and one Tunze 6045 powerheads in the tank.  I also run a Phoshate reactor that I also run carbon in and change monthly.  My protein skimmer is an Octopus NW 150, great skimmer.  I use a Reefiller to top off my tank (from the basement storage vat) and a feeding pump for adding Bionic two part automatically.
    Fish and Inverts- My first tank came with a very small blue Hippo tang and my second tank came with a large yellow tang and a larger Sailfin tang and a black & white percula clown.  I kept them all for about a year but then realized my big fish were outgrowing the tank and so traded the Sailfin.  I lost the yellow tang this past summer to strange circumstance but I still have my blue Hippo "Dori" (what else?)  Dori is my favorite fish and probably close to six inches now.  I know she should be in a bigger tank but that is not happening anytime soon and she and I will make the best of it.  She is spoiled and the healthiest blue tang I've ever seen.  I also have a royal gramma, a mandarin, a rabbitfish, a fat and sassy diamond goby, two blue cleaner neon gobbies, a six line wrasse and two black and white clowns.  I have never had ick or any kind of disease.  The gods have shown on me as I have never quaranteed, however I would not risk that again with all my buddies nor do I plan on adding to my crew.
    Inverts- I love inverts and especially the shrimp.  I have two cleaners, two blood shrimp, and one rather ugly peppermint.  Lots of crabs, snails, feather dusters (had a long time now) a couple of emerald crabs, and two Fromia starfish.  Also a pretty large brown serpent star. I feed my tank at least once a day and feed enough that I know that everyone is getting enough.   If I have more than enough nutrients in my tank, so be it.  It is my responsibility to make sure my critters are fed.
    The rest -  I acquired rock from my first two tanks and I've added quite a bit more.  My guess is that I have 150+ lbs of LR.  I have a wide variety of corals from LPS to SPS and a few softies.  I presently have mostly LPS with a nice assortment of acan frags, some micros, a couple chalice.  I have a few acro's and lots of zoa's.  I could easily take everything I have, put it in a 150 or 200 and still look a bit crowded and overstocked as it grows out.  One day I'll have to deal with that but for now I'm just making my tank the best it can be and fine tuning keeping my parameters constant.  I love growing and propagating and sharing so it's all good.
    I have found GIRS to be a great club and source of information and reefer friends!   Thanks for always offering advice to me! 
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    Nice intro Robyn, your tanks sounds very nice.  Are there any other members in the QC's?  Let's seen Einstein, covey, vvolfe1, Iowakevink, Robyn, Travis, Keith, Sean, Billy and myself?  Seem's like there was more.
  9. covey


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    SnkyJake and Heath but they are not on the boards much.
  10. seanndenise1

    seanndenise1 Inactive User

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    my name is sean
    i live in bettendorf, i grew up in moline.
    ive kept and raised fish since i was 7 years old, im 42 now., there have been times that ive had 70 tanks going in my basement, no kidding.
    ive been a drywall finisher for 25 years.
    i had a 40 gal reeftank some years back but didnt really pursue it fully.
    my new reeftank is a 125 gal 72x18x22, i built the stand/hood for it and painted it black.
    i made alot of the rock thats in it from the garf recipe 150 pounds est , it turned out pretty well., i added 70 lb real live rock to get things goin in there as far as microorganisms go.
    i have 3- 175w xm 20k bulbs and 4 96w actinic power compacts for lighting, sounds blue dont it? its really not that blue. 
    a mag12 for a return and am still in the waterflow phase as far as powerheads go. 
    2-29 gal tanks plumbed together under my stand , one for a sump and the other just in case of a power outage. 
    a phosban reactor at waverz suggestion, thanks waverz.
    a octopus nw 200 for a skimmer, and i really like this skimmer.
    at the moment i have no corals in the tank, other than what came on the live rock.
    i have 100 blue leg hermits
    100 turbos
    12 cerinth snails
    5 peppermint shrimp- which are cool as heck if you ask me.
    3 yellowtail blue damsals.
    in the future just give me a call if you wanna stop over and look at the tank, pm me for the phone number.
  11. Monkey Man Zero

    Monkey Man Zero Inactive User

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    I posted this on the introductions thread in the general forum. I am in Northwest Davenport. I'll post some pictures soon and update with more info.
    New to the hobby, just about 1 year in. I have a 125 reef and an 8 FOWLR. I also have a 55 and 10 freshwater.
    125 includes 200 lbs live rock 120 lbs live sand.
    Torch Coral
    Moon Coral
    Hammer Coral
    Metallic Green Mushrooms
    Green and Brown Star Polyp Colonies
    2 Yellowtailed Damsels
    Dragon Goby
    Yellowheaded Sleeper Goby
    8 Gallon includes 10 lbs Live Rock and 1 Yellowtailed Damsel.
    125 soon to have
    4 Percula Clowns
    1 Purple Tang
    1 Mandarin Dragonet
    4 Green Cromis
  12. nuccatree


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    It has been a while, but still hanging in there with my tanks...
    I am Heath Treharne AKA nuccatree. I have been a reefer in the QCA since 2001 and had a 30g and 75g set up at my home. Extended my tanks to my office where I set up a 55g reef and one of my patients loved it so much she ended up buying it which wasn't a big deal since I was in the process of moving my home from NW davenport to LeClaire, I was going to transfer my home 75g to my office. However....making the transition, my 75g shattered after realizing that I could not drill it to make it RR. Oops! So now I am left with a growout tank with all my stuff in there. So if anyone has a 75 or 90g that would be cheap/free so I can atleast put my tank back to life, it would be appreciated (prefered drilled to fit the space). Until then, I am pretty busy with my practice and family. I have hosted a maxijet mod gathering a few years back and had a great time.
  13. einsteins

    einsteins Experienced Reefkeeper

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    Hey Nuccatree

    Good to see you back online with us again...
    I was wondering about you and if you were still keeping a tank(s)

    Bill AKA einsteins
  14. Greenonion


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    Hey All,
    My name is Joseph Eckman Aka "the.fish.guy"
    ive been keeping reef tanks for 6 years, do to circumstances i have never really got into it until now.
    i work at Aquatic Environments and have been there for 5 years.
    my tank is a 65 gal sps dominated tank with a 20gal fuge 20gal sump
    tank runs 1x 400watt 12k reeflux and four 39 watt t5 actinics
    favorite thing about my tank is the aquascape, i believe that makes a tank
  15. B-Rad

    B-Rad Inactive User

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    Hey everyone!! My name is Rick Mercer ( aka "B-Rad"), I live in Muscatine, so I kind of go between both Davenport and Cedar Rapids.

    I've been in salt water for 6yrs now and I still learn some thing new every day.

    Tank: I have a 120g in wall set up, with large tank room on the back side. 
    Filtration: 20g sump ( with 60lbs DSB ), 25g stock tank for live rock only.
    Skimmer: custom DIY skimmer (with modded QO 3000 pump).
    Lighting: 2 250w M/H with Ice cap ballasts, 2 95w P/C lights, 3 LEDs.
    R/O: 6 stage r/o unit with tds meter.
    Controller: Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper Elite.
    Supplements: DIY Kalk stirrer, connected to auto top off system.
    Other: Auto top off system with 10g R/O tank, 12v solenoids.
    Wave Maker: Chauvet controller with Koralia 4 pumps.
    Stock: Mostly sps, some softys.
    Fish: 2 false percs.
            1 Mimic tang
            1 Flame tail tang
           1 Manderin
           2 Yellow Spotted Anthias.
  16. Jag3365


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    I am not really in the QC area, but as I don't have my own area to call home, you guys are the closest thing. My co-worker and I often come down to visit AE since it's only a short drive.

    I live in Dubuque and have been switched over from FS to SW now for 4 years. My first tank was a 125 FOWLR that lasted until we bought a house and had kids...needless to say the money dried up.
    At work I kept a 12 gal softy nano tank, until my heater went haywire and either shocked everything to death, or boiled the tank. After I got my co-workers a taste of SW we decided to set up a 65 gal.

    Currently 65 gal Reef, been working on it about 8 months now.
    Current Orbit dual 150W MH and PC lighting
    15 gal sump with Remora skimmer, JBJ UV, JBJ Auto top off, JBJ 1/4 HP Chiller, heaters, pumps etc...
    2 Modded Maxjets along with return from sump for flow
    Aquacontroller 3 Jr

    3 Green Chromies
    2 False Clowns
    Fire Shrimp
    Numerous turbos, nass,cerith, red/blue legged hermits

    Blue green mushroom
    Dark blue mushrooms
    2" Maxima Clam
    Small Pink Zoa colony
    Small Green Zoa colony
    Kenya Tree
    Blue/Green Clove Polyps

    Slowly working our way up, as myself and co-workers help chip in time and money to keep the tank up and running and growing. We have the tank in our office at the Dubuque Airport if anyone is around the area.

  17. saltydogg

    saltydogg Inactive User

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    /DesktopModules/ActiveForums/themes/_default/emoticons/biggrin.gif /DesktopModules/ActiveForums/themes/_default/emoticons/whistling.gif/DesktopModules/ActiveForums/themes/_default/emoticons/w00t.gif

    Anyway i am now in the Milan area of the QCA and am going to set up my 55 gallon saltwater and a couple of the smaller ones. A 10 gallon freshwater for my granddaughter and the 5 gallon as a saltwater nano #1 and the 2.5 as nano #2, so i will be looking for a few things to get them up and running.

    Anyway thats ME

  18. CoryB

    CoryB Inactive User

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    Hello! I was referred to this site from Andrew. He asked me to join you guys tomorrow afternoon and I will be coming! I've been in the fish keeping hobby for about 8 months now. I have 2 55 gallon freshwater tanks and 1 55 gal and 29 gallon salt water. Nothing spectacular fish wise. A few clowns, sailfin tang, one that I haven't a clue what is it (i'll try to get a pic up to maybe ID him) and a snowflake eel that is approx 12" long or so. I have not gotten into the reef side of things but would eventually like to do so. Look forward to meeting some of you tomorrow!
  19. B-Rad

    B-Rad Inactive User

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    Welcome to Girs Cory, Looking forward to meeting you and talkin tanks. Andrew had said he was talking to you and that you had a great start in the hobby.
    And yes we love PICS, [​IMG]
  20. mthomp

    mthomp Inactive User

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    hello from eastmoline.

    only been started on this hobby for about1.5 months.

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