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Advice? leds

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ryan H, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. Ryan H

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    Whats a good brand to start out with for LEDs?
  2. Deleted member 1172

    Deleted member 1172 Guest

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    I've used Kessil, AI, and Ecotech. So far, I've loved my Ecotech, but they're not cheap. A lot of this decision can be made based upon your tank goals and tank size. Kessil are really good for scaling up or down depending on your need. What are your tank details?
  3. Roman Experienced Reefkeeper

    Cedar Rapids, IA
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    What size tank do you have?
  4. beckerj3 Expert Reefkeeper Board of Directors Leadership Team GIRS Member

    West Des Moines, IA
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    After 10 years with a 6 bulb T5 fixture (that grew SPS like crazy), last year I switched to the Aqua Life 4 bulb fixture with the ability to add your choice of LED. I am very happy with the change. I'm not sure I have as much growth as with just the 6 bulb T5, but then growth has not been a factor for me. I chose the Kessil A360 wide angle tuna Blue. I really like it. It adds just the right amount of shimmer to my tank that I didn't have with just T5s. And it doesn't have the disco ball effect.
  5. Ryan H

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    I was looking to change out my bulbs on a 45 gallon freshwater and a 180 saltwater.
  6. wylie New User

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    Ai prime hd best bang for your buck for sure
  7. Jonathon

    Cedar Rapids
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    Picked up the orphek v4 and absolutely love them. They have similar spread to t5 fixtures while still having all the other benefits of led. One of the things I really like that's different though is that they are capable of being repaired and getting future upgrades to the leds. BRS has a really good review on them comparing it to other fixtures if you're interested.

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