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Las Angeles order just ARRIVED!!!

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Guest, Sep 30, 2008.

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    Here is a list of things that come in today. Lg Naso Tang,  Md Yellow Tang,  Lg Yellow Tang,  2 Seahorse's,  Chromis,  Three Spot Domino Damsels,  Lg Purple Tang,  Africa cleaner Wrasse,  Hawkfish Flame,  Md Copperband Butterfly,  Md Heniochus blk&White,  Lg Mandarin Green Goby,  Lg Purple Tile Goby,  Md Scissortali Goby,  Md Diamond Goby,  Watchman Pink spotted,  Sm Scopus tang,  Md Dragon Wrasse,  Md Green Coris Wrasse,  Md Royal Gramma,  Royal Doty Back,  Crocea Clam Super grade,  Color Zooanthid Polyp Sm & Md,    Gary @ Bo Bo's Fish Store  319 892 3999

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