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Iowa Pet Food and Seascapes... lots of new fish!!

Discussion in 'Des Moines & Ames Region' started by gb387, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. gb387

    gb387 Inactive User

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    I was just at Iowa Pet Food and bought a new Diamond Goby, very good looking and big, there are another 8-10 in the store if your looking....  Looking around they had plenty of good looking fish on hand.  A very nice Powder Blue Tang and Purple Tang both good size and looked great.  Some type of Mystery Wrasse (maybe, not sure the exact kind) very colorful, smaller something like $80.  Very nice bi-color Angel and a couple other Angels, these are just the ones that I noted there were tons of others.  All the fish looked great!  Might stop in and check it out, let them know you saw it on here.

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