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Discussion in 'Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Region' started by CyberJester, May 27, 2009.

  1. CyberJester

    CyberJester Inactive User

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    Ok, the masses have spoken.
    The tank tour is going to be on Saturday June 27, 2009.
    The 14th of June tied with 5, however, I figured the extra time to prepare helps.
    I am asking for all of those who are willing to open their homes and tanks to us in this area to sign up again.
    Please send me a PM that includes your:

    Full name & website username
    Phone number

    This information will be posted in the members only section so that it will not be open to the general public.
    The proposed time will be starting at noon and running until 4 or 4:30 then closing down with a stop at the sea of Marvels.
    Thank you and I look forward to seeing all of your tanks.
    Jeremy Orchuk
    GIRS CR/IC area trustee
  2. CyberJester

    CyberJester Inactive User

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    We have the following 2 tanks that are willing to host on the Iowa city tour.
    1) phishcrazee
    2) B-Rad
    Would be nice to get at least one more from the area, as most will be driving a ways to participate.
    Please remember that your tank does not have to be well established or without problem to participate.
    Often seeing differences in maturity of tanks can give inspiration, also if you are having some issues with you tank, this is also a good way to get some valuable input as to possible causes and cures to the condition.
    Jeremy Orchuk
    GIRS CR/IC Area Trustee
  3. phishcrazee Experienced Reefkeeper

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    Is this still going to happen? I am totally willing to still be a stop, however, I need to know if it's still planned or not, as there are other things we were planning on doing that Saturday if we didn't have to stay at home for the tank tour. Let me know Jeremy!

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