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For Sale Innovative Marine EXT 75 with black APS stand plus custom Octoaquatics Lid combo sale

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by t5Nitro, Jul 26, 2022.

  1. t5Nitro New User

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    FREE local delivery to Des Moines, IA.

    Price is $1350.00 delivered.

    I bought the tank new at the end of 2020, cycled and set up in February 2021. Tank is in great condition. Selling because we're upgrading to a bigger tank.

    This is an Innovative Marine EXT 75 aquarium with black APS stand.
    Attached are some pictures. I have the overflow box lid off I realized in the photo. It does come with it. The return loc lines are 3/4". I had used PVC glue on the bulkheads and it was near impossible to get the return nozzles off of the bulkheads so they had to be cut off. The tank needs 3/4" bulkheads for two return holes.

    It includes a custom built Octoaquatics Lid valued just over $240. There are 3 side cutouts for cables and two cutouts in back for light tank mounts. It also has an acrylic feed door in the front center.

    $1350.00 delivered to Des Moines, IA -- IM EXT 75 aquarium, black APS stand, custom Octoaquatics lid.

    Open to offers if picked up in central IL, 61614.

    Below are the website specs.


    NUVO EXT 75 - Tech Specs

    • Style of Aquarium: Panorama

    • Water Volume: Approximately 75 gallons (283.91L)

    • Length: 35.4" (899.16mm)

    • Width: 23.6" (599.44mm)

    • Height: 19.7" (500.38mm)

    • Weight: 150 lbs (68.04 kg) Empty

    • Glass Thickness: 1/2" (12mm)

    • Glass Type: Non Tempered Low Iron

    • Beveled and Flame Polished Edges

    • Signature Black Silicone

    • (2) Pre-drilled 3/4"holes (Return)

    • (3) Pre-drilled 1"holes (Overflow)

    • Reef Ready (Sump Not Included)

    • Recommended return pump flow rate: 750-1500 GPH (2839.06 - 5678.12 LPH)

    Filtration Type:

    • External Overflow "Bean Animal"

    • Overflow Box Length: 15.7” (398.78mm)

    • Overflow Box Width: 3.5” (88.9mm)

    • Overflow Box Height: 5.9” (149.86mm)

    • Laser cut black acrylic overflow wall

    • Centered external overflow

    • Dual 3/4"returns

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  2. t5Nitro New User

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    Price is lowered to $1,100.00 delivered to Des Moines, IA*

    *Must be purchased prior to August 15th for this price delivered.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2022
  3. t5Nitro New User

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    Offer stands $1,100.00 delivered to Des Moines, IA.

    $900.00 picked up in Peoria, IL 61614.
  4. Pufferman777

    Pufferman777 Well-Known ReefKeeper GIRS Member

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    Do you still have this

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