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I need a reflector!

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Phathead, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Phathead

    Phathead Well-Known ReefKeeper

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    I am looking to upgrade my lights on my tank.  I just bought a 2 new ballasts from Hamilton Tech.  A dual 250 watt and a single 250 watt.  I want to run a couple of VHO's but not sure how many and what length?  The tank is a 125 6' long.  I need a reflector for this setup 3 halides and 2-4 VHO's.  I am now runing short on money now so my budget is around 150.00.  Is there a reflector out there that is signifigantly better than the other for the money.  PLease let me know if anyone has one they arent using preferably new or where I can get one, I dont understand the differences between them to know what is good.   
  2. Benji

    Benji Inactive User

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    I have one of these you can have.  New/Unused.  You may be able to make it work for your application as far as MH goes but, not long enough for VHO or V-HO.  or you could buy another 36' for $50 and that would give you 4 x 36' 95w VHO and up to 4 MH moguls.
    either way: if you want it, it's yours.




    The parallel reflector is designed to mount parallel with the front of
    the tank using fluorescents. It is made with 95% reflective aluminium
    and will put about 25% more light into the tank than a standard flat
    sheet of reflective metal. The reflector puts the fluorescent close to
    the tank and the metal halides are offset by 3.5".
    also note that the 36" reflector is setup to mount either one or two
    mogul socket assemblies (required; sold separately) and can therefore
    hold one or two bulbs. The center (metal halide) portion of the
    reflector is parabolic to optimize light reflection. Two reflectors can
    be used to cover a 72" tank.
    Parallel reflector is predrilled
    for the following fluorescent socket: 36"—Holds one 3’ VHO or 1 96W PC
    or one 55W PC on each side of reflector. The 36" holds either one or
    two metal halide lamps. Dimensions: 36"W x 12.25"D x 6.5"H


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